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excellence real estate investment and relocation pledges to help bitcoin expats set up a new life in el salvador
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life moves so quick

Life moves so quick!

I remember talking to Matt about investments in different cities around us. Then it moved to different States around us and NOW we're talking about l different Countries...

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bitcoin landing spot takes the lead in education hosts first of its kind nonresident foreigner mortgage class
banks are too controlling

Banks are too controlling

Too much drama and fees to keep your money in American style banks....always make sure that they work for you

bitcoin real estate investing in el salvador expert insights from international investor gladys jeannette

Bitcoin Real Estate Investing in El Salvador: Expert Insights from International Investor Gladys Jeannette

Discover the exciting world of Bitcoin real estate investing in El Salvador with international investor Gladys Jeannette. In a recent interview with YouTube host Francesco at Moneydelics, Gladys shares her expert insights on the new laws and opportunities that make El Salvador a prime market for real estate investments. From helping foreigners get mortgage financing to the world's first Bitcoin-based boutique hotel, this eye-opening interview is a must-see for anyone interested in the intersection of Bitcoin and real estate.


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