The Down and Dirty of Rural Property Hunting

March 1 the 2022

I had a choice this morning to hang out at the beach for a Solid 2 hours. 

But a had a lead to see a river front property near El Tunco and decided to just go..


We're currently buying another property and this River front is down the way so I went to see what the deal is. 


Said property had a slope going down and just when I had picked up a good walking strike and feeling good about the whole situation I ate 💩


Literally slid like a slide down the way and almost made it into the river by 2 feet 🤣 


Thing is I was more worried about my phone than any broken leg, arms or neck🤦🏽‍♀️


I mean I can't be losing my content. 


Anywho I had to jump in the river and wash off my legs arms ect. My phone is GOOD though 👌🏼


Ended up looking at 5 properties in total... already negotiating 3

The two other I'm going to wholesale. 


Protip.. life is always good.


Sometimes you'll need to eat 💩 but all you gotta go is get back up shake it off and #ontothenextone 


As my coach Sammie says STAY BUTTONED UP!!! 


So I did. Right after that I found out about the other 4 seller financed properties 💪🏽

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