Saturday Banking issues in San Salvador with Excellence Real Estate

June 29 the 2022

There's always a huge line at these Central American banks. 2-3 hour wait is Normal. 

Went to one bank with my Attorney l was in and out in one hour. 
Got out by noon (Saturday) which is the time that all banks close here in the Mall. 
I started walking away from him and he's like where are you going??! 
I'm like to my other bank..
He's like they aren't gonna let you in its already noon and they only see who's already inside. 
Welllllll.. I told him ohh they'll let me on and see me. 
He laughed and said I wanna see this and told me he's not gonna leave cause they're not letting me in 不不
I not only skipped the whole line outside and skipped everyone inside (no number) and was the next person that called up for service. Ran outside to tell him I was up next and he was floored.
I told him:
1. I know the security guard always ask how he's doing, how he's been and I'm SUPER Nice to him.. so he left me In through the main door.
2. I walked to the guy that normally helps me waived at him and said-- I know you're closing BUT will you still have time to see me?
He said yes!! 
The other people that you see here gave me the Big Ass stink eye they've probably been sitting there for more than an hour.
This girl has things to do and [Name deleted] the bank guy knows when I see him it's important I need to go in and out like yesterday. 
The point of this is a reminder to be NICE to EVERYONE from management to custodian or Cleaning person.
All I've ever been is nice from Day one nothing more..
The security guy [NAME deleted] sees me coming and opens the door for me. 
I greet him by his name and Always let's me in even when they're closed. 
Got some business banking done and replaced my ATM card in less than half hour.
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