Rise Above and Get it Done - Gladys Jeannette

May 20 the 2022



You do what needs to be done, not what you wanna do.


Most people roll through life only doing what they want.


Those same folks wonder why they never get ahead.


Their life mantras are:


I don’t feel like doing that


I don’t want to do that


I don’t like doing that


If we could all live a life where we only do what we want to do, it would be a utopia.


Since we live in a capitalist country, we get paid to do the things others don’t want to do.


That’s how money works in this country, plain and simple.


So if you only do what you want, you’ll always be the person paying someone else to do what you won’t.


I chose to live life on the “do whatever it takes” side.


I’m not too good to do any job. 


Matter of fact I do the shit jobs like picking up trash and cleaning, every day.


And I think I’ve done enough shit that I don’t want to do, to get to a place where I don’t have to do as much shit work, but there’s always more to do.


Living a life in comfort is a life of failure.


You failed to become who you could become because you stayed comfortable.


Don’t rob the best version of yourself by living a life of comfort.


Rise Above 👊

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