Life moves so quick!

February 28 the 2022

I remember talking to Matt about investments in different cities around us. Then it moved to different States around us and NOW we're talking about l different Countries..

Just this morning I was taking to a well connected official of one of these Countries. This all seems so Surreal I can't even comprehend how fast it's all moving.

All along I had what it took to pull the trigger and I let WALL of FEAR stop me..
I let what others would think about me stop me.

I even kept getting in my own way.

Well I'm happy to say I'm not the person I was 3 months ago.


Right now I feel like a FULLY LOADED Freight Train..

And I'm loving it.

There's so much in the works I can't even explain it in words. All I know is that all that I've been praying for is NOW here.
God feels that I'm ready to crush it and HERE I AM.

Soooo Literally besides myself with all the new growth.
I hope I inspire at least one to two people today

Get out there
DROP THE FEAR like I am doing and when you want to relocate to El Salvador we will be here to help you!


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