House Hunting in El Salvador with Nicki and James

February 2 the 2023

We spend hours every single day researching areas, conducting site visits, networking and interviewing potential partners for real estate deals. We;ve been investing in international real estate for over twelve years in 5 Latin Amercian countries with varying success. Leat us be your guide, we have been there and done that. We've seen the scams and bad actors, the shortcuts that can hurt long term property holders. As a newbie in a foreign land wanting to set up a new life in paradise, renting is one thing but buying something?? That's a whole other story and stress level, especially if you don't do it regularly.

Where ever you go, real estate is a belly to belly, boots on the ground, get your hands dirty business. There is no shortcut here, you have to get out in the field and do the work. That's what we love to do and where we thrive. We love to get out and explore and look for awesome real estate deals for our clients and then execute an honorable transaction. 90% of our established business in other countries come from personal referrals, zero advertising because people know we will protect them, their money (Bitcoin) and always tell them the truth so that they can make a tuly informed decision that's best for their lives.

In this video we explore Playa San Diego which is a few KM south of Puerto La Libertad. We personally love Playa San Diego as lesser known but underappreciated beach town in El Salvador. In the past gang presence was an issue here and a well known fact of life. However with the recent reduction in these activities and associated crime, this neighborhood is starting to wake up. In the past year we have seen, first hand, many properties being improved and business epxanding and flourishing. More and more money is being put into property improvements every month and when the town finally gets some infrastructure upgrades, watch out!

We love to find these little hidden affordable gems that most don't know about. Salvadoreans know this place as their weekend getaway and smooth waves to relax in the water. With prices rising very fast in El Zonte and the surrounding beach towns, fidning something very affordable gets more difficult by the day. So we here at Excellence Real Estate Services would like to present you Playa San Diego...


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