Gratitude and Gratuities in Real Estate

July 19 the 2022

Let's talk about this half used Starbucks card ...

The biggest tip I've ever received has been $5,100.00...
 I've received plenty of Benjamims throughout my sales career....
But this time I received a half used Starbucks card from a client that had nothing else to his name but this actual card..
I think this is the tip I'll remember the most.. not because of the amount but because he felt compelled to give me something aside from my regular fee. 
He was so appreciative that I was able to help him and his mother that when he looked in his wallet for cash this card was all he had. 
I work really hard I keep my rates competitive and my clients know that I will help them for free if they need it. 
In this case I scored a Starbucks card 🥳
He doesn't know I don't drink Starbucks coffee but now I'll have ro go see what I can order up.. lol. 
I Love my clients and they Love me ❤️
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