Good Morning from my Home Away from Home

February 28 the 2022

Goodmorning from My home away from Home....El Zonte, El Salvador

Yesterday's download goes Like this. 


💥Arrived at 7 am


💥Went to get my government paperwork that I forgot back home to finally submit for some companies I'm opening here. 


💥Met with 2 lenders to get all the requirements as far as home loans go. At one bank I was there for nearly 2 and a half hours... that was painful..

A have half a dozen buyers here. The list is rapidly growing though so I gotta.fet my shit to together here. 


💥Met with two attorneys and my attorney met with a accountant  we may bring on our team. 


💥Drove over to the police station and requested a background check.. again to open the companies. You gotta NOT owe a dime to NO one here and all your accounts need to be current. 

Since I'm new here I haven't gotten myself In trouble. 😬

I haven't even been able to drive. My driver is pretty amazing.


💥Met with the owner of the house I'm going to turn into a Bitcoin Business for expats to make sure I have all the keys.. 

Possibly posting the video of the house here later, it is in complete disarray!!


💥Met with my attorney at said house to walk it along with the contractor and my two agents to go over specifics of the Bitcoin Expat business and how we're going ro run it. 


💥Had an amazing dinner that I didn't even finish cause I was too tired to even eat......and finally made it to this location at 10:00 at night.  15 hours later of straight work I was DEAD tired and needed sleep. I literally only had two meals yesterday (no time) I even MISSED my call with Sammie but we'll catch up later 😁


💥Today I have to go back to the house to let the contractor in an take day pics for my records. 


💥Then off to see more properties and meet with 2 buyers, also do some minimal shopping for the house. 


💥Today I'll be renting a car for $25 bucks all costs included the Traffic here is insane so I'm a bit nervous.... then again I've driven in Tijuana, Mexico and L.A. so it shouldn't be any different.. pray for me lol... 


Almost forgot i got some closing in the U.S. that I need to follow up on with the Amazing Fabian 

Now enjoy some Vitamin C from me to you ♥️













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