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November 16 the 2022
For the 1st time in the History of El Salvador
I'm officially the 1st person that can offer Home Loans to Foreigners.
It took me almost a year to get to this point
It took lots of traveling
An immense amount of zoom, whatsapp, Meetups, Lots private meetings 
it's been a Roller Coaster!!!
But today is the Day I get to open the flood Gates to this country for all the people that want to move here.
Before they would have to buy ALL CASH.. and this is no longer the case!! 
I'm so overwhelmed with this accomplishment 
I just changed History for the Betterment of this Country!!
Now if you can excuse me cause I need to go faint, throw up and cry of Happiness.. 
I need to take this all in....  
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