Discover the Salvadoran Dream: Real Estate Booms in El Salvador as Diaspora and Expats Flock to Invest in the Country's Promising Future

March 7 the 2023

A recent article on El Salvador in English stated that the recent security enforcements have resulted in El Salvador being safe for people to enjoy the fresh air, take public transit, conduct local business, and invest in. People started realizing that El Salvador is a great place to live and visit, thanks to the help of some YouTube channels that provided background and stories about the country. The end of 2021 and early 2022 saw a modest tourist spike, and when they shared their positive experiences on social media, the word spread even faster.

In today's real estate market, there are two types of buyers in El Salvador: those expats who want to own a piece of the Salvadoran Dream and the Diaspora or displaced Salvadoreans who wish to return home. These two types of buyers, coupled with the current summer season, have heated up the market in recent months. However, the diaspora buyers have an advantage since they already have a built-in network within the country and understand the language and customs of buying and selling real estate.

Excellence Real Estate Services SA de CV is part of a larger real estate organization that has over 35 offices in three countries and five States in the U.S. Their El Salvador Office owner broker, Gladys Jeannette, has completed over 500 real estate transactions in seven US States and four Latin American Countries throughout her 25-year career. With her exclusive and beta test (not yet public) Nonresident Foreigner Mortgage offering, she single-handedly matured the real estate market in El Salvador. She has the expertise and experience to assist expats with possibly the biggest purchase of their life in a foreign country where they don't speak the language and don't know the traditions and ins and outs of the real estate market. 

Since Gladys is also Central American and fluent in Spanish, many diaspora have turned to her knowledge and expertise to exclusively handle their real estate business. One diaspora client, “Norma” asked Gladys to help sell her house in summer of 2022, came back to El Salvador to visit and see the new country for herself on Gladys’ advice. After the visit “Norma” decided not to sell her house and has since bought more so she could expand her real estate empire. Norma decided that  foregoing retirement in the United States, where she has lived and worked for the past 30 years to now retire in El Salvador is the better option. Stories like this, we believe, will grow more common this year and become the norm during the next Bitcoin bull cycle.

Excellence Real Estate Services SA de CV advises interested buyers to come down to El Salvador now and get to know the area. Start preparing your Bitcoin, banking and finances to put yourself in a strong position to make great offers when the time comes. Remember that utilizing bank financing always takes time and must be accounted for during the sales and transaction process. While prices are moving fast and some of the most desirable neighborhoods are getting pricey, there are many adjacent up-and-coming towns with lots of future potential. Interested buyers can fill out the contact us form and purchase a private consultation to become an official client so that we can assist you on your road to success.


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