Conquering Challenges Abroad

July 13 the 2023


Starting a company from scratch in another country will leave your head spinning. 

Trusting people to help is a whole other game, most do it being self-serving and others just want you to succeed. 


Either way you'll eventually find out who's, who!! 


Keep on Keeping on! 


People will later claim they knew you AND try to get credit for the work you did!! 


When all they did was wait to see if you'd fall on your face. 


Learn how to Recognize these people asap and act accordingly 


Work hard, live hard but most important is what I learned from my last Mastermind .....  


I NEED to Represent what winning looks like at ALL times 💪🏽


Not too bad for a former High School Drop out, Teen Mom, Foster Child 😁


The growth I've experienced in the last couple months has been pure Savageness


But it didn't happen without all the previous L's I had to take. 


The Losses make the Bosses 🚀

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