Breaking Barriers: How I Changed the History of the Banking Industry in El Salvador

January 11 the 2023


Dateline: End of NOV 2022

Oh the things I've managed to get through and the things I still need to get on to doing and finishing up...


Made some people uncomfortable and "offended" these past two weeks. 


They were "offended" that a lender would give me the opportunity to roll out a product instead of "them".


I had a very long conversation with a friend of mine that made me see where these people are coming from and why they can be offended.


Then he told me next time they make you feel any type of way you say this.


1. You didn't do the work!


2. This lender didn't trust that not one of the over 6 million residents, citizens and people in their country would have been able to pull it off properly.


3. I negotiated with them for EVER (well over 300 hours in person there at the office, on the phone, whapsapp etc etc) and didn't give up.. when on the 1st sign of objection THEY walked away. 


After the conference I had 3 of main and Big community members reach out to me to align themselves to help me HELP them. 


In the end the people that got butthurt are the ones that are used to waiting for things to fall on their lap. 


When I literally put everything on the line to open the doors for all these "brokers" & "agents" to be able to help a whole different type of buyer that they OTHERWISE would of not been able to sell a home to. 


Two of these same people looked at me last November and said "GOOD LUCK" no one in the history of this country has managed to change the banks mind... 


Well....this is why my attorney ended up telling me.. you just changed the history in the banking industry for this country.. 


Honestly it still hasn't sunk in all the way. 


One thing I'll tell you... I'll remember these handful of Individuals. ... 

I walked out of that conversation high as SHIT and proud as hell...hell of myself, as I should be ❤️

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